WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - Stone Cold Steve Austin


Stone Cold Steve Austin WWF Hasbro Custom

Here we take a look at our WWE WWF Hasbro Custom figure of Stone Cold Steve Austin in 3:16 Attitude Attire, all hand painted and Hasbro parts.
Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably one of, if not the greatest and most important wwe wrestling superstars of all time. The Attitude era would not of been such a success without his beer drinking, ass whooping style and persona. So it's only right that Austin deserves a Hasbro. If Hasbro had continue with the line into the mid 90s he would of been properly released with the million dollar championship belt much like The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase figure as this was part of his story back in his early career in the WWE.
But here we decided to do his most popular Attire, and I think Austin 3:16 just whipped your ass with this custom!

Take a look at the images.
Remember the rule of this custom was too only use Hasbro parts and no Decals so everything is hand painted. he even has a grip action for perhaps a custom beer! Enjoy.

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