What is a Graded Action Figure? A quick guide to Action Figure Grading by The Toy Scavenger

Louis Tully Ghostbuter Figure Graded UKG
Ghostbusters Ecto Glow Louis Tully Graded UKG
What is a graded toy or action figure? We take a look for you with this handy quick guide.
If your new to Action Figure collecting then you may have seen the term Graded Action Figure, AFA, or UKG floating around on listings and items. Well we decided to let give you a quick guide to grading.
Action Figure grading is when an item has been Assessed and sealed within an Acrylic case and given a grade of 1 to 100 in quality. While the scale can go up to 100 usually a 90 is the highest an item can receive without it being straight off the manufacturers floor. There has been 95s but these are very rare.
Graded Action Figures and Toys have become a great item to add to your collection, be it a Loose Vintage Star Wars Vinyl Cape Jawa or a Carded WWF Hasbro Mr Perfect, you can be sure that the item will look great on display and stay safe.
Grading an item yourself is a very good way to secure and confirm the items condition.
While Buying a graded piece from a store, not only does it look great, it also gives you the piece of mind that you are buying an authentic and quality item that had been assessed by professional graders and given a grading scale.

AFA and UKG are among the most popular of the graders and there websites can be found below.
AFA Graders - Based in USA
UKG Graders -Based in UK
Here at The Toy Scavenger we sell graded items so that you can have the best possible quality and genuine item for your collection.
Just take a look at some of our past and present items in the images.
WWF Hasbro Graded Macho Man Randy Savage
WWF Hasbro Macho Man Graded UKG
WWF Hasbro 123 Kid Graded UKG Green Series
WWF Hasbro 123 Kid Green Series Graded UKG
Jurassic Park Kenner Velociraptor Graded AFA
Jurassic Park Velociraptor Graded UKG AFA
Vinatge Star Com F-1400 Starwolf Graded UKG AFA
Star Com F-1400 Starwolf Graded UKG AFA

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