Toy News: Mattel To Release WWE Action Figures in styles of the 90s WWF Hasbros

Update: 10/01/17
This toy line is now Available in the USA, hopefully the UK will get them soon.

WWE Mattel Retro Figures Review

A exciting toy-related announcements coming out of SDCC this year was that Mattel have revealed that it is to release a new line of WWE WWF Vintage Hasbro Styled Action Figures. These figures are to include the New modern Generation of Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena, and a Old Vintage Generation of The Undertaker and The Ultimate Warrior.
From the images released they really do look great and they look like they will tie in perfectly to everyone's Hasbro Collection. So far there is no official packaging but here at The Toy Scavenger we are hoping it's a throw back to the original Vintage Action Figures. If it is, Then they should just take our money now!
If these are successful it would be great for them to revisit many of the stars that missed out on a figure the first time round, Sparky Plug anyone??
An Attitude era Pack could do very well especially as the rights to these superstars are mainly still with the WWE. Fingers crossed!

Imagine The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, Kane, Mankind, Ken Shamrock, the list goes on.
Take a look at the current images available.
Let us know what you guys think of this line in the comments? Do you like it? Is it a good idea?  Will you buy it?
WWE Mattel Vintage Hasbro Style Wrestlers
For the Original Vintage WWF Hasbro Range visit 
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  2. There out and there amazing! #greatestwrestlingcollection

  3. There out and there amazing! #greatestwrestlingcollection