M.A.S.K Vintage Toy - Dynamo sealed, why is there so many of them around?

Calling all M.A.S.K Fans.

Here is the Cheapest Mint in Sealed Box you will find In the collection and is a must have. 
Euro Dynamo from the split second racing series. Its a great starter and quite easy to find if you look in the right places.

The main reason it is easy to find and quite cheap is a simple one............Over flooding of the Vintage Market by one seller.

You see about 4-5 years ago loads of Undiscovered shippers flooded eBay and Forums. (Along with Euro Adventure packs). The reason was that a warehouse was found with shippers opened and unopened in Austria. Along with WWF Hasbros, Captain Planets, and many other lines this flooding of the market actually brought the price right down as they soon started to appear online, and the vintage toy market has only just recovered from the price crash.

Lucky for collectors you can now still pick these up pretty cheap compared to other items from the line.

So If you have a ware house full of old toys, don't release them all at once, drip feed as you may crash the price market.
Did you buy anything from that period? what is your thoughts on flooding the market or drip feeding it? Let us know Below
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