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Thursday, 12 January 2017

WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - The Acolytes APA Farooq & Bradshaw


The Acolytes WWF Hasbro Custom

Farooq and Bradshaw careers in the WWE were going nowhere, both were powerhouses  with had the potential to do something great. Then The Acolytes were formed. They quickly joined The Ministry of Darkness and established themselves as a dominant tag team. After the Ministry they stayed together and created the APA, this is the time that this custom is inspired from. Just before The Logos of A.P.A (Acolytes Protection Agency) and just after the Chest paint of the Ministry of Darkness. With these particular custom 'The Clothesline from hell' Action was taken into consideration and both Virgil and Ted Dibiase figures with punching action were used.
The main rules for this custom was to use Hasbro parts only, and no modelling clay. 

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