WWF Hasbro Custom Figures 2017 by The Toy Scavenger WWE WCW ECW

The Toy Scavenger has decided to have a go a creating some great WWF Hasbro Custom Figures.
If you are a collector of Vintage WWF Hasbro figures you will know that the community has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with the arrival of Previously never before seen artwork and Prototypes resurfacing, and also with the recent release of Mattel's Retro Wrestling Figure line this year, the collectability of these little superstars has climb higher than Mankind on a hell in a cell wall.

But since the line officially ended in the mid 90s collectors have always wanted and wondered what if? What if it had continued long into the Attitude era, or the Invasion Era and so on. Well we decided to give customising a go. We decided to brush off our brushes and dip into the paint pot to create some of the coolest custom figures and attires that never were released but were made so famous by those great superstars.

As we know the Hasbro line ended before the much sort after Orange Series was released, since then many fans have created there own custom figures, there is no general rule of creating them, you can have fun and just go wild with casting, add different toy line heads, painting, or breaking and re-gluing the originals. We decided to stick to just one main rule, which was to only use original Hasbro Parts.

We previously tried this a few years ago before it was popular which you can see here WWF Hasbro Custom Part 1, but decided to give it a retry with some fresh designs. Below is the links to the first new line that has had a custom


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