Aliens Vintage Action Figures by Kenner

As a child of the 80s/90s i was too young to feel the full effect of Alien when it hit the big screen. Thanks to my parents i was not allowed to watch Aliens as apparently it would give me nightmares, but one evening when i was eleven i noticed in the TV Times that the premier of Aliens was to be on TV, so i managed to record it on my old VHS and watch it later when my parents didn't know. Well boy were they right! Nightmares wasn't even the word. but even though i was scared stiff of being trapped in a space ship with an Alien Queen i was fascinated with the characters and heroes of the film. Then i discovered the Action Figure line by Kenner Toys. 

Starting in 1979, Kenner originally unveiled the 18" Alien Doll, an amazing toy that was every little boys dream in which they could scare the rest of the neighborhoods kids, unfortunately parents complained so much that they had to pull the toy from the shelves and the resulting stock ended up in bargain buckets all around the country. 

But then around 1992 when Alien 3 was released Kenner came out with a new series of Aliens action figures, originally these figures where to be released along with a Cartoon for Saturday morning television as this was the normal back in the 90s (e.g Robocop and The Ultra police)

The Humans, Androids, & Marines where based loosely around the characters of the two squeals Aliens, and Alien 3. The line continued for 3 years until it was again pulled from the shelves. Rumor has it that the demise was based on Kenners shipping and not issuing many new figures to keep up the interest in the line, and after an new film was not done the apeal was lost. There was a total of 27 Marines and Aliens, and 4 vehicles produced and officially released for the Series.

We currently have a nice collection of Aliens Movie Vintage Action Figures in store Carded and Loose, why don't you take a look and check them out here:
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