Demolition Man - Taking a Look at the action figure line by Mattel

As a kid I thought that Demolition Man was one of the greatest Action Hero movies of all time! (I know, I know, sorry).

But as time goes by looking back the movie still brought us some great moments. This was the story of a future in which we cant swear without being fined, cant take a crap unless you knew how to use the three sea shells, and a future in which Tacobell has become a fancy restaurant.
Now these moments have been permanently embedded into our brains so you would think like other 80s and 90s Action Films it would have a great toy line, but up stepped Mattel.
It had so much potential for vehicles, Characters, Accessories but due to the Flop of the Last Action Hero action figure line the previous year the budget got slashed and the designers got lazy.
Mattel had decided not to invest in the Figure moulds, and instead opted to use the not so successful New Adventures of He-man line Moulds and casts.
So we ended up having a He-man body with a Sly Stallone head. (Looking back Maybe it was a hit at doulph Lungren He-man)
The highlight of the line was the Hot Blast Car which was a repainted Last Action Hero Convertible.
The line didn't even make it to Europe 'officially' this time like so many other flops sold off cheap, which makes them incredibly hard to find here in the wild.
Now it turns out my local toy store had some contacts in the good old U S of A and managed to ship some of this figures over. Which is the first time I saw the line and my parents decided to buy me for Christmas the Red Convertible. It was a beauty, and fit into my Terminator / Jurassic park line of toys brilliantly. Alan Grant and Tim would rock up to the Jurassic Park Compound in this flashy beast only to be attacked by a time travelling T-Rex and his only hope was a Robot sent back to save them.
Now the packaging actually looks pretty cool which is why so many collectors now have this line in the collection, a giant logo and a nice clear window to show off the figures and Accessories with great artwork on the boxes for the vehicles.
On the reverse Mattel fixed the issue they had with the images from previous lines and took some advice from their neighbours Kenner. On past lines such as Hook and Last Action Hero they would use Artist impressions of the other available toys in the line, this time they used actual images. Which made myself even more mad as I couldn't get my hands on any of them here in the UK, and remember this is before the days of the Internet and eBay.
The best figures in my opinion is the Battle Baton Spartan, it would of been nice if Sandra Bullock had a figure to go along with him but we can only wish now.
Thanks for taking the time to have a read and remember to take a look at our Demolition Man Stock, If you are looking for anything in particular remember you can contact us on our Website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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