The Toy Scavenger Store Vintage Stock update, X-Men, Doctor Who, Batman, Biker Mice From Mars & More

Hello everyone, just wanted to give you all n update on stock and items that are coming in very soon. 
We have just added a load of X-Men and Doctor Who items to the site, There will be more coming in the next few days so keep an eye open.
We are completely overstocked at the moment with loose items and need to find the time to upload them all, items include Thundercats, Masters of The Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, among others. We are also looking into listing Accessories only as i know alot of you are asking for this. So again hopefully in the next few weeks we can get this going.

Thanks everyone for your continued support, our Instagram has now raised to 12 thousand strong fans (we still cant believe it!) and is still growing, we read all the comments and really appreciate the love, we may even use your quotes in some posts so keep them coming!

This is a very exciting time for us as we head into the new year and we are looking forward to bringing you some great vintage toys to buy, or just look at, no matter what you visit us for, we appreciate it.

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