WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figures ☆ Goldust

Dustin Rhodes made his name as Goldust, the strange 'Bizarre One', back in the mid 90s Goldust would come to the ring in a gold gown and long haired wig. He just missed out on a Hasbro Figure back in the day as he joined after the figures had stop production. But every single time we see a Goldust custom figure it is in his old attire, so we thought we'd mix it up a bit and get him in his new attire. Even Dustin Rhodes himself liked this figure on Instagram, so we must of done something right!
Using two figures to make one we gave him a clothes line action that still works fine, and a face paint custom job that will shatter other customizers dreams, and even the man himself would be proud of (we hope). Take a look at the images below, and the you can find the other figures Here

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