WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - Legion of Doom Animal & Heidenreich

Legion Of Doom WWF Hasbro Custom

The Legion of Doom, The Road Warriors, LOD 2000, there have been quite a few incarnations of Animal, Hawk and various others, but for this custom we have decided to make the 2005 team of Animal and Heidenreich.
Animal already has a WWF Hasbro figure so it was just a quick paint job for him, where as for the custom of Heidenreich, he needed to be made from scratch.
Again only using Hasbro parts this figure came together nicely. With this figure the action was removed but he still poses nicely. We personally haven't seen another custom of Heidenreich so this one is a personal favourite as its an original. In the past we have made LOD 2000 so this time we wanted to go for something a little but different with The WWF Custom Animal & Heridenreich from 2005.
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Legion of Doom Animal and Heidenreich

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