WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - The Rock 98 Attitude Attire

The Rock WWF Hasbro Custom

This Rock WWE WWF Hasbro Custom is one of the simplest customs to do, but also a personal favourite. "Do you smell what the rock is cooking??"

The year was 2000, the royal rumble was in full swing, the rock had just turned back to a fan favourite and the crowd was chanting his name in anticipation, the music hit and the reaction was one of the greatest the WWE had ever seen as he entered and then went in to win eliminating The Big Show. It was this period of The Rock that we wanted to capture, 1997 -2001 Rock attire was very similar with only slight changes to his wrestling trunks throughout the years. 

Now if Hasbro had continued creating the figures into the mid 90s surely they would of made good old Dwayne Johnson in his first attire as the rookie Rocky Maivia, we went for the latter.

This WWF Hasbro Custom Figure is all original Hasbro parts with a new paint job. Take a look below.
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