What could your old toys in your loft be worth? - Vintage Action Figures Potential Value List

Did you ever think, "Why?, Why did i sell that collection of Vintage Action Figures all those years ago",
well even the Toy Scavenger has that thought, many times, Growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, i was around at a time that was a golden age of Action figures and toys. (or though im sure most people would say that their childhood has the best toys!)

TMNT Leonardo - The Toy Scavenger
I was lucky enough to be at an age in which i could pop to my local toys shop and pick up the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I.Joe, WWF Hasbro wrestlers, or Ghost Busters for the full price of £3.99, i could even find some Gen 1 Transformers, Star Wars, and Starcom in the bargain bins.
While a visit to car boot and jumble sales with my parents i could easily pick up an entire collection of MOTU, Thundercats and Visionaries, for a wallet full of pocket money! yes this was a great time for action figures, and being an only child i was slightly spoilt for choice by my parents.

One year I remember going to Lakeside shopping center on a Saturday and getting 3 M.A.S.K Split second Vehicles brand new, which i was very excited about, then on the Sunday going to a car boot sale and grabbing a few bargains and getting more M.A.S.K, including Boulder Hill, Switchblade and Volcano for only £5! amazing!

Now as i got older into my teenage years i still wanted to keep all my toys, so i packaged them up and stored them in my parents loft.
the amount that was up there for a few years was thew size of a small toy shop.
unfortunately we had to move house when i was 18, Ebay wasnt that big, and had only started picking up, so the collection was halved and taken to a car boot sale to be sold off. This was one of the biggest mistake i could ever had done. at the time i thought "great, an extra £50 to go out with" now even as i write this i think "what had i done!" i gave up some classics, and will always regret not holding on to them for that little bit longer.

Now, thanks to Ebay, we can get a good idea of some values of many of those toys that we just didn't keep for one reason or another. Perhaps you have kept them, and they are still stored away, soon to see the light of day by being passed on to your children, family, Charity stores or even sold on to make an extra bit of cash for something special.

This list below is just an example of what the items have gone for in the past, but it really does make you think, Why did i not keep it!!

1. HE-MAN & BATTLE CAT SET 100% Complete MOTU- £130.00 

This set of He-man and his green battle cat was in near mint condition, out of its box and packaging but still can go for around £130. as you can see from the image the item was clearly in great condition.

2. M.A.S.K RHINO VEHICLE & FIGURES BOXED Matt Trakker - £120.00

This series is one of my favorites and with so many items to choose from in this line i have decided to go with the most iconic of them all, Rhino. Rhino was a Truck that came with 2 Action figures, Matt Trakker the leader of M.A.S.K and Bruno Sato. This item that i found went for £120 on Ebay in a C7 condition. which means it still wasn't in mint condition. so what its worth in mint? well i have seen these going for around £160+ on Ebay, which could change as the line becomes even more rare.


This Lion-o Vintage Action Figure had been professionally graded by AFA UKG and had been given a grade of 80, you can even see the original price tag of £4.99, just think, if you had bought 5 of these for £25 back in 1985 you could have made £1000 now! just think about that for a second. This figure was in a protective case to preserve the figure.

4. TRANSFORMERS OPTIMUS PRIME GEN 1 Truck & Trailer - £150.00

This was an Original 1980s Generation one Autobot Optimus Prime Action Figure MIB, This item had been out of the box for display purposes but never played with helping it keep its perfect condition. I have seen a graded Factory sealed Optimus Prime recently go on Ebay for over £1500! I myself had this version and the current price makes me think was it worth all those hours of play time? course it was! and i wouldn't change it for the world.

5. MIMIC Generations 1 MY LITTLE PONY Unicorn Pony LOOSE - £150.00

Mimic is a G1 Unicorn Pony, She was released as one of the Twinkle Eyed Ponies, but for an unknown reason, her production was run rather small and she is now one of the most sort after ponies for collectors. if you are one of those lucky people to have her in your collection then you may be looking at a price around £120 -170 depending on her condition. The example i have found went for £150 on Ebay and is in nice condition. The pink was slightly faded but still in great condition, and went for £150.

Want more? Then keep an eye out for Part 2 of our Vintage Action Figure Potential Value List

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