WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figure ☆ Kevin Nash (Diesel)

Kevin Nash, or Diesel as he was once know, is one of the most wanted Hasbro figures of all time, this is due to the fact of the Hasbro Line being cancelled in the mid 90's while the Orange series was still in the design stage. The rumour was that Diesel was to have a figure, then Mannix brought the moulds for the now unwanted Diesel head once the line was cancelled. As it is well know Hasbro was getting lazy with the designs of the new figures in the later stages of the line, and they were reusing other body parts. Only until recently have the designs been released of what was to be Diesel, using Papa Shango's body and a new head he was to be released along with a few other superstars.

We decided not to make a diesel and wanted to see a Hasbro Nash. Many customs of Nash use Hasbro legs that make it look like he is wearing traditional wrestling tights, this is not the case as he would wear trousers in the ring, so we redesigned them to a more fitting attire. With all the other customs we only stick to Hasbro parts, this one we kinda cheated and used the Mannix Head. If you would like to see the other Customs click here

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