Toy Scavenger Review - Vintage Batman Movie Action Figure by Toybiz 1989

Today we are taking a look at our favourite Vintage Batman action figure by Toybiz from 1989.
I'm sure you know the story by now, as we know batman is one of the most popular character of all time and you can’t go anywhere these days without a billboard or merchandise hitting you in the face but here is a quick re-cap. Having witnessed his parents brutal murders as a child, millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne played by Michael Keaton fights crime in Gotham City disguised as Batman, against the evil deformed madman known as ‘The Joker’.
Now there have been many different Batman figures over the years, but none are as popular as one of the first by Toybiz from the 1989 Batman Motion picture. A good quality one always gets snapped up straight away. For me this was my first encounter with a batman toy and I have many fond memories from it.
Before this Now Vintage Action Figure was released there was the Kenner Superpowers, and other various company outings but for a late 80s child this figure is always remembered with fondness. Along with the Batmobile and Batwing you could fight crime against The Joker and Bob the goon.  

Image by @The Toy Scavenger

First we have the front of the item. The tag line along the top right ‘The Fully pose able figure with his own unique action feature’ is quite a quick and simple description of the figure. The card design is mainly focused on the Batman Movie theme using the same colours and logos to tie in with the film merchandising. We also have some amazing art of Batman using is utility belt which is the main feature to the figure. The figure is sealed in a rectangular plastic blister packaging, along with the contents of his Batrope, Speargun, and Batarang.
Image by @The Toy Scavenger

On the reverse of the packaging the Batman movie theme continues with a darker colour scheme and movie logo. We have a great collector’s bio from the Gotham Globe newspaper at the bottom describing batman and his fight against crime.
Also as with most action figures we have the other toys in the line which include The Joker, Bob the Goon, The Batmobile, and Batwing. This particular item is from the UK, so there is a shipping label placed over some other information which we can’t see.
The main feature is a great image of Batman using his Utility belt on what looks like a water tanker. The main difference that people notice is that the figure in the image is not the one that you have received. The Jaw line is much more defined in the figure on show, this is because the mould was changed just after production started to match Michael Keaton’s slimmer face and jaw line more and not the generic look of Batman’s jaw. You can actually find these figures still out there but they are very rare and command a higher price range
Image by @The Toy Scavenger

As I mentioned earlier this figure hold great memories with me, and if you are a fan you would definitely need this item in your collection, along with the Batmobile they are a classic piece of action figure history and will forever be held in high regard.

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