Taking a Quick Look at The Mego Spiderman 1979 Action Figure

We have just got these great Mego items in store, so we thought we would take a look at them.
First we have a 1979 Spiderman by Mego on an original Pin hold Card.
Spiderman was produced from 1973 to 1982 and according to the Mego Museum he is the only Marvel hero to be in every Mego Superhero line making him easily the most popular of heroes from there popular line of Worlds Greatest Super Heroes.
There is actually a few different variants of the Spiderman suit available due to the fact that he was so long running in the line. depending on the year not much changed on the front of the card only the date, but on the reverse of the card the image the Hulk changed a number of times, mainly due to his popularity growing thanks to his TV show in the 70s. The Mego doll Action figure is such a great item and catches the 70s toy mark perfectly with design and style on both the figure and the art work. Spiderman is a definite for any Mego collection.
Next up we have The Amazing Spidercar by Mego. Unfortunately the one we managed to get in the image has the spiders trap net missing but you can still get the idea of what was attached.
apparently Mego Museum says that the idea of a spidercar was rected by Neal Kublan and Stan Lee wanted it, but Mego went ahead and it sold quite well. Stan Lee also added it to the comic for a cameo and the car was forever added to history.
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