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Nothing compares to Vintage Star Wars action figures in the current market, they can fetch an astronomically amount of money and are highly regarded as one of the first real toy lines to have figures to regularly command prices of above the thousand mark when they come up for auction or sale. But while they dominate the market there are some other toy lines from the early 80s that have started to become more sort after and are reaching heights that make you go “why did I rip them out the packaging and play with them!” (The question should really be why I didn’t buy two of each, and play with one!?).

The Masters of the Universe line does have some single figures that command a very high price point, but these have always been the case as they were only released in Europe making them extremely rare in America but now the basic range are rising. Currently you can find that a mint He-man figure out of the pack will go easily for about £59.99, while a fairly battered carded one can go for £440+
They haven’t quite reached the heights of star wars figures and perhaps never will but what we can say is that they are up there with the best of them in terms of appeal and desirability. Take a look at some of the Masters of the Universe Action Figure items available in our store on The Toy Scavenger

Vintage Masters of the Universe Action Figure
Original Heman Figure Image by @ The Toy Scavenger
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