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Every new season we would wait for a new catalogue to come out, so we could skip through the pages to the toy section and then instead of drag parents to the store, kids could shove it in our parents faces until they bought it, well we did anyway. So today I thought we could take a little look at one such page. In the image is an Argos page from the early 80s depicting one of my favourite lines and a favourite among a lot of other people, Master of the universe.
Below is a quick description fro the page of what the item was. Take a look.

  1. Castle grey skull – Home of He-man and his heroic band. Skull-like castle incorporating working “jaw-bridge”, trap door, lift, throne, weapons, combat trainer, cannon and flag. Folds to become carry case.
  2. Snake Mountain – Skeletors Stronghold. Talk into the wolf’s head and your voice changes into a scary voice of evil.
  3. Dragon Walker- Self Propelled side winding vehicle which carries warriors into battle.
  4. Battle Bones Collectors Case- Carries up to twelve warriors. Giant beast doubles as a battering ram.
  5. Panthor – Skeletors evil battle-cat. Complete with head armour and saddle.
  6. Battle-Cat – A fighting tiger, with eye catching stripes, complete with head armour and saddle.
  7. Heman and skeletor – Two 5 ½ key characters, fully articulated with spring powered waist. Each suppled with weapons, armour and comic book
  8. Orko and Kobra Khan – Orko heroic court magician comes with working magic trick and story book. Kobra Khan evil warrior sprays water when head is pressed.
  9. Battle Armoured Hem-man and Skeletor – These two weaponed 5 ½ leaders have breastplates that show a dent when stuck.
  10. Hordak – Ruthless leader of the Evil Horde. Twist his waist and he swings back with a punch.
  11. Grizzlor- Henchman of the Evil horde. Complete with spring action beast weapon.
  12. Leech – Evil master of power auction from the Evil Horde. He sticks to smooth surfaces.
  13. The Evil Horde “Modulok”- 22 body parts create over 1000 different monsters. Complete with spring action breast weapon.
  14. Mantenna – Evil spy of the Evil Horde. With “pop-out” eyes and spring action beast weapon.

Apart from a few errors (In the first image Panthor has no head armour, and Modulok no Spring weapon to name a few, we wonder how many people actually complained about that?!) the descriptions are what they should be, brief and to the point. The image its self is set against a classic Argos backdrop that many collectors (including us) would love to get their hands on. Throughout the years the scenes and back drops for the toy lines have made us all really feel that the figures have come to life. Instead we had to make do with a sheet and some cardboard boxes. Aww ,The memories, oh well.
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