Question - Is The WWF Skinner based on TMNT Leatherhead?

Here at The Toy Scavenger we love to find figures that have a connection. If it turns out to be the designer, artwork, moulds, or just plain names, we love the fact that the toy world takes inspiration from each other and so many designs are created.
So today we are taking a quick look at these two great items and ask you are they the same??
The first is 'Leatherhead' from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles range from 1990s, and the other is 'Skinner' from the WWF Hasbro Range. Both classics in their ranges and are becoming very collectible.
Leatherhead - Image from The Toy Scavenger
When you look at both these figures you could be forgiven in thinking that they could be the same person, or at least based on a similar character. Now we know that they are not the same person, in fact it is quite easy to tell them apart, ones an alligator, the others a human, easy right?! Well you would think so.
Skinner - Image from The Toy Scavenger
They are actually very similar in fashion style, and based on characters from the same locations, eras, and are both bad ass's not to be messed with.
Could Skinner have been based on Leatherhead? who knows but one things for sure they are both the same style, and most importantly, both have hat!

With his signature move The Gator Breaker The WWF Hasbro Figure Skinner has everything to make him kick Leatherheads butt if they was to ever match up against each other, but what the Leatherhead figure failed to do was recreate the size and strength of the character, so if they did meet up who would win?? The only thing we can do is leave it up to your imagination. our moneys still on Leatherhead.
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