Batman Forever - Transforming Bruce Wayne Action Figure Review

Transforming Bruce Wayne - Images by The Toy Scavenger
Hey guys, today we are going to take a look at one of our personal favourite batman figures from the batman Forever Movie Range.
Transforming Bruce Wayne. The line wasn't the most popular batman series but there are some real highlights that came out of it in regards to figure design and just all round fun! this would include the Two-Face character figure portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones in the film, and Transforming Dick Grayson.
First we will take a look at the card. Its your bog-standard Kenner size Batman figure card. Nothing special about it in shape of size. The most noticeable thing about it is the question mark logo is rounded on the corner. There is some nice Batman art on the top of the card, but without the figure attached the actual design is nothing special. The colours are a mix of blacks, greens, and yellows, which was the theme with all Batman Forever character figures.

Transforming Bruce Wayne - Images by The Toy Scavenger

The art work is a classic painted style image from 90s Kenner toys before computer generated images and photos really took over. The figure itself is displayed very nicely showing off all his accessories and features. this is a key point of the figures packaging and i think it does this very well. I actually like this Bat Suit, the colours go very well with the Backing card, Or though to many Batman fans a paint job on the suit mite make him more realistic.

The back of the card has the usual extra features, instructions, and other toys from the line.

Transforming Bruce Wayne - Images by The Toy Scavenger
The main feature of this figure is that he can be Bruce Wayne by day, and Batman by night with a quick change battle suit which can include battle blades, its your choice, you can attach them to his arms, or even to his back in wing style battle armour, his cape is material so if flows very nicely.

To do this Bruce Wayne head is spring loaded and can be pushed into his body when you place the main chest piece and face cowl onto the figure. After you have placed on the chest piece you can easily snap on the leg guards and arm guards, or even the battle claws
The Figure itself is modelled on Val Kilmer as Batman. I feel this is one of the only things that let's the figure down in its appeal as he wasn't the most popular choice, but at least it's not based on George Clooneys batman.
Transforming Bruce Wayne - Images by The Toy Scavenger

So there you have it, a Transforming Bruce Wayne from 1995. this is not a bad figure and as we said before is really the only highlight of the Batman Forever range, along with Transforming robin and Two-face.

We hope you enjoyed our little Review and remember to sign up for more great news and deals.

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