Who remembers playing Whack Attack? I do, and i have again!

Hey everyone, this Christmas was a very slow one in terms of gifts and presents from anybody due to keeping a tight budget on funds within the family. But despite this one awesome gift that was produced was a vintage Whack Attack by Peter Pan. I had one of these as a kid and totally forgot how much fun it was.

Whack Attack is a family action game that has 5 colourful heads that pop up one at a time, this requires you to smash them back down again with a plastic mallet in a race against time. At the end of the time the score you have collected is counted up and the person that has hit the most in the allotted time wins!

I've got to say that this was a massive hit on Christmas day, as its nice and simple to play, with a personal best of 53 we found ourselves taking turns through out the day, no need to sit and play for long periods this is the perfect 'have a go' then do something else for a while game, and was lots of fun.
The box itself is nice and bright, and the kids in the image look in absolute shock of how fun it is, the little catchphrase on the side really sets a tone with the game, and is quite funny if you have a dirty mind, the family had a good chuckle over it, "Warning -once you've had a whack attack you'll never want to stop".

Overall this is a great game that i am glad got brought back to my attention, it has stood the test of time, is enjoyable, and the colours of the pop ups really are a great 90's throw back.

I would recommend it for anyone.
Go out and grab one, and whack away your troubles!
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