WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figure ☆ Scott Hall

When Scott Hall moved to WCW in the 90's it was one of the most shocking moves in wrestling history and was one of the main catalysts in the start of the Monday Night wars, along with Kevin Nash and 'The Third Man' Hollywood Hulk Hogan they formed the NWO and started recruiting other stars from the WWF and WCW line-up. In this moment Razor Ramon was gone for good (well the real Razor). Scott Hall would then team up with Kevin Nash on and off for the rest of his career, know as the outsiders they were one of the most dominate forces in world wrestling.

Scott hall already had 3 figures in the Hasbro range, all with different paint jobs, (Red Pants, Purple, and Grey Beard Funskool), so for this custom there was no need to make any new figures, and he only required a good paint job. When placed with the Kevin Nash Custom they create the Outsiders and look great together, find the Nash custom and others here

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