Visionaries - The first time i saw 'The Knights of the Magical Light'

Hey guys, Toy Paul Official here, I was having a think about the first time i saw a Visionaries action figure the other day and I thought I would share it with you all.

It was not in a toy store, nor a catalogue, and it was not a carded box or vehicle. It was in fact at a fun fair, on a shooting range game. Among all the stuffed animals and balloons was a line of bagged up Acton Figures, and their was Arzon, he was the prize i was after. I remember thinking that he looked so awesome with an hologram, something I had only seen before in Supernaturals of which I had only one of, Lionheart.

Lucky for me the I managed to win this prize and I was happy as ever, unknown to me he was missing his helmet and staff, something which that same week i would find out once my friend got involved in the discovery.

So a few days later with my new favourite toy I visited my friends home to show off this colourful and totally awesome new figure that had an eagle on his chest. My friend shot me down straight away, claiming he had already seen this type of figure, and even had one. So off to his toy box we went and he produced a Skyclaw and Mordred, he then asked his mother if she could get the box down from a cupboard and there it was, this was the first time I saw the amazing box art and I instantly feel in love with it. I had to have them all, so after a quick journey to the local toy store that week end, I had a few more in the collection. (never got them all, still searching to this day)

The thing that has always bugged me is how did the fun fair get their hands on visionaries figures? and why were they bagged up ready to win. Something I will never know but I think that adds to the magic.

Can you remember a toy you saw for the first time? let me know below.

I hope you enjoyed that story, and thanks for reading
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