WWF Hasbro Custom Figures ☆ Mojo Rawley

In a word, Mojo Rawley is 'Hyped'. Along with his tag team partner, Zack Ryder ,they formed the energetic team of The Hype Bros. The popularity of these two seems to be rising and as we made a Zack Ryder we had to make this custom figure also, because where would he be without his Mojo. 

For this figure we used three other current Hasbro Figures to create Mojo. The attire was inspired by Mojo's Instagram page and his love for using Zubas shorts in the ring. As Mattel now own the rights to the WWE action figure lines, they recently released a Retro Figures range and there are further plans for more figures to be made. So we are sure if Mojo continues on his current trajectory he will have a retro style figure in no time. If you want to check out the Zack Ryder figure or the others click here.

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