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Friday, 24 February 2017

WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figure ☆ Kane 98

The big red machine Kane has been dominating the WWE for many years now, and its a real shame that Hasbro lost the license before he joined. it would of been great to see a Hasbro figure of him along with the undertakers figure in the collection. In this custom we decided to go for his 98 red and black attire. This particular custom was made using damaged parts, the head had been mangled so this seemed a perfect fit for a scared Kane.
as Kane has had many different attires over the years it was a difficult decision on which one to do, but we selected on this and we couldn't be happy with the results. using the Warlords Leg this figure is now one of the tallest in the collection and he stands up to the undertaker very well. Just take a look. Check out the other customs in Part 2 here

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