The Toy Scavenger Monthly Interview: Star Wars Collection Special

With the new Star Wars The force Awakens film released today its only right that we feature a great star wars collection. Today we talk to Anthony who has been collecting Star Wars Figure's and memorabilia since he was a child, and he's created some quite special.

Hi Anthony, could you give a little bit of information about yourself?
I live in Manchester, I'm 38 and my name is Anthony Merna
and are you a collector or a dealer? or a bit of both?
I am just a collector.

When we was little we all had a favourite toy or action figure, mine was a M.A.S.K toy, what was yours?
My favourite action figure as a kid was Yoda,
do you still own that one?
I had to buy him again as I lost his coat and accessories!

So you have amassed a large amount of Star Wars toys and memorabilia, but when did you actually start your collection?
Its been since a kid really, it started with a box of Star Wars originals, I kept what I could and what hadn't been played with and I bought the missing 70's items on eBay so I could have all the original Star Wars figures and it went from there.

What do you like about collecting?
I honestly believe I like collecting them as it reminds me of being a kid, safe, not having to worry about anything....also the Star Wars figures are so cool!
Iv always liked the hit of nostalgia you get, and of course they are so cool.
What made you decide to start collecting?
well it was in 1995 when they started remaking Star Wars films and I remember thinking I'll just get a few...little did I know ha.
That's always how it starts, its a bit of an addiction once you start collecting, there is always that one more that you need. Is there a certain collection that you are trying to achieve or do you just go for anything?
I buy anything which was featured in the films, I sold a lot of items because I used to buy everything e.g. Comics, expanded universe but the room was getting way to big and it had to be downsized.

So you must of had something that was hard to find then, what piece are you most proud of?
Anakin Skywalker Revenge of the Sith with red eyes.... I had my partner all over New York trying to get one on holiday

Do you collect Mint on Card, Loose, or a bit of both?
Well every figure I have since 1995 is carded, I have them all, my originals are in a glass case as to buy them carded now would be so expensive
They definitely are expensive! So what do you have that no amount of money could let you part with it?
My 2002 silver anniversary Darth Vader New York toy fair exclusive and all the original ewoks

What do you feel about custom made figures and the destruction of old figures to make them?
No custom made figures please, let's not ruin figures ha

Do you look at other people’s collections and try to better them or stick to your own style?
I have my own style and love it when I see other peoples collections but I do my thing.

The toys seem to be the main part of your collection but do you also collect anything else apart from action figures?
I have Star Wars books, lightsabres and obviously all the films. My two passions are Star Wars and Kylie Minogue, I have a massive Kylie collection as well ha

We can see from the images but could you describe how you display them your collection?
Every wall is full of carded figures in their own back bedroom 'Star Wars room' with shelves in front with ships, playsets, everything else on basically

Is there an item that made you think “YES! Iv got it!”
The turbo tank from Revenge of the Sith, I love it!!!
Awesome, and which item took the longest to find?
It is the 1995 Princess Leia, at the time it was so hard to get one, I paid a fortune!

Well Thanks Anthony for sharing your amazing collection and wish you good luck with any further collecting! May the force be with you!
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