The Toy Scavenger Monthly Interview: The Wonderful World of Custom Action Figures by Cult Mini Figures

Ever wondered what a modern graffiti Optimus Prime would look like? Well wonder no more as we take a look at the wonderful world of customs from Cultminifigures

This months we have been chatting to Steve over at CultMiniFigures about his custom action figures and what is involved in making them. here at the Toy Scavenger we love them! and I'm sure you will agree they are something quite special. They definitely gave us a hit nostalgia with a modern twist, and cult mini figures has found a fan in us!

From the mind of Steve Moffatt at Cult Mini Figures comes these great creations, from Transformers G1 Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, to Donnie Darko Lego the possibilities are endless when it comes to customs, the use of colours and wonderful designs are amazing, so here's what Steve had to say...

Hey Steve, Could you give a bit of information about yourself?
I'm Steve 39 years old from Essex. I am a closet nerd and toy/vinyl figure enthusiast.

So how long have you been making customs?
Around 2 years, it's cool to try and make something new out of old tired stuff.

What made you decide to modify or create custom figures?
My partners son asked me if I could make an Alien and Predator after looking at Custom Lego figures on-line. I thought why not! So I tried to remember some of the old skills I used when painting War hammer figures. They turned out OK but I thought I could do better.

So is there a certain style that you are trying to achieve?
No not really, different figures call for a different approach but with my painting style I think they have a certain look about them.

Do you recycle/modify old figures or do you work from scratch?
I do a bit of both, finding something old and thinking "If I stick that on there, that will look good" that is very satisfying. Iv made a few mini figures from scratch, its a far more in depth process but it keeps the brain firing and that part of the reason I do it!

Excellent, is there a certain brand of figure you use?
I use Lego and transformers mostly but anything is fair game!

If you use old figures how do you feel about destroying the originals?
Well anything that is broken or has been stuck in a loft for 30 years, out of the box you can do what you want with it. I recently painted a Starscream G1 reissue Transformer mint in the box from eBay. I was in two minds about this as even the reissues are fetching a bit (far more than i paid) out of the box. I've actually just been given some original Star Wars figures also, they are covered in felt pen marks and god knows what, included is a two legged AT-AT that will be made into a wall clock.
With the figures I will try and stick to the original colour schemes and not go to overboard with the painting. I might even add a pair of beats and an iPod for that modern twist.

That's a great idea, we cant wait to see it! So you see yourself as being an artist or a brand?
More of an artist, the designer toy scene is massive now and its cool to be a nerd these days, I have come out after 20 years of hiding!

Do you look at other people’s customs and adapt them to be better?
Very much, Mr Google knows everything! And I found stuff that looked similar to my doodles, people making cool art, making a living and loving what they are doing.

Have you ever thought about adding extras such as backing cards, instructions, packaging?
Not yet, I've seen very good backing cards etc. but it takes enough time to paint and sculpt these things plus I am more hands on.
Backing cards and instructions would probably mean me using a computer. Social media is enough stress!!

Have you got a collection or action figures, or even other peoples customs?
No I don't, but I do convert them when I have them.

So is this a hobby? and where can we buy these great figures!
Its a hobby and yes i do sell them. it started with friends, i put a few on eBay and Etsy and had some luck and different pieces have been sent around the world! I found out that a 'Zombie' Bobba Fett I made is sitting on a desk at a Disney Infinity office in Los Angeles, That was amazing.

Zombie Fett -All images Copyright

Well finally how do you display them if you do decide to keep your figures you have made?
Well, I have one windowsill they are allowed to sit on!!! (Sad face)

Thanks Steve its been great chatting to you and thanks for inviting us to see your wonderful creations.

If you would like to find out more information about Steve and his creations you can find it on his website or check out his Instagram and Facebook

Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and remember to follow us for more great news and information.


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  1. I NEED that Starscream!...I don't think I have ever really forgiven my brother for breaking my one and Jazz that fateful day back in 1990....but I made sure he fucking paid for it ...try playing with your Subetto set when its been thrown in the garden pond Julie ya bastard!!!......