What does MLC mean? Vintage Action Figure Grading Abbreviations: Mint, Loose and Complete

So what does the term MLC mean when grading Vintage Action Figures? Well the meaning for MLC is 'Mint Loose and Complete'.

Mobile Armored Strike KommandThis abbreviation states that a vintage action figure, vehicle, or accessory is in mint condition, is outside of its original packing, and is complete with all of its parts. Frequently, i will find action figures listed as 'MLC' that are not. it is important to ask questions before buying an expensive figure to make sure it is complete and in good condition, because sometimes the action figures accessories are worth as much as the figure itself!, if a figure is mint and loose but not complete, then grade down the price of the toy appropriately. A worn toy with no accessories is rarely worth much money, but this all depends on the rarity of the figure itself.

Reference Warmans Action Figures Field Guide
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