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Friday, 21 November 2014

Marvel Legends - Arnim Zola Build a Figure Range

Marvel Legends Arnim Zola Action FigureWe have just got this great collection of Marvel Universe in store. These Marvel Legends are a great addition to our collection and even though they are not Vintage Action Figures, they would still look great in anyone collection. I myself have already taken a few and placed them in my Toy Scavenger figure box.

The range is the Arnim Zola Collection Build a Figure series by Hasbro.

Arnim Zola is a Supervillian who featured in the Films Captain American: The First Aveneger, & its sequal Captain America: The Winter Solider. In the comic world he construct his own body so he can carry out his evil plan. He is seen in this form in the winter solider as his brain has been transferred into a super computer that cap uncovers.

You can collect this action figure by buying the set from the Marvel Universe series Arnim Zola. Collect all 6 parts and complete the evil mastermind's body! Collect all of these great Marvel Legends that include Dark Wolverine, Captain America, Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantomex, Marvels Madames, Spiderman, and Wrecking Crews Thunderball,

You can buy the Collection here @ The Toy Scavenger

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